About us

Spotlight Media is a Publishing house, a PR agency and an Advertising agency. All three spheres are joined by the concept of reliable and quality information, that with different goals and in various forms is presented to a wide audience of readers, clients and partners.


The Publishing house regularly issues two magazines in the Russian language, Status and Railway, for two target audiences – the business sphere and members of the elite. The Publishing house also retains exclusive rights to sell advertising in the magazine Direction.
All distribution channels are formed on the basis of contracts.
Tallinn and Vilnius airports
Uzbekistan Airways

Tashkent-Riga-New York
LDZ: Riga-Moscow, Riga-St. Petersburg, Riga-Minsk
LG: Vilnius-Moscow
International bus routes Lux Express
International exhibitions
Banks: Citadele,
Rietumu and
SMP Bank
Hotels and restaurants
Ukrainian, Belarusian, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijani in Latvia,
Latvian Embassy in Russia
  • Valuable media distribution channels, with access to a business audience that is in transit and has spare time: in airports, trains, hotels, banks, embassies, etc.
  • Unique opportunities through the exchange of high-quality and useful information, networking, and information links between Latvia, the Baltic States and the CIS.
  • Wide readership: representatives of the business sphere, who are interested in economics, business, real estate, tourism, development opportunities in the Baltics and near abroad, as well as high-income representatives of the elite.
  • A wide range of media products and services: publication of magazines for various target audiences, issue of corporate media and print materials upon order, advertising and promotional services through the press.
We create a positive and trustworthy information area, enlightening wide audience of readers – business sphere representatives, who are interested in economics, real estate, international business opportunities, tourism and rest.
We are an exclusive information source for elite representatives with a high income level, revealing all facets of luxury world.
We help increase visibility for you and your business among potential clients and partners in the Baltic States, the CIS and around the world.
  • I very much appreciate the journalists’ work, and the finished product has been consistently excellent. The quality of the published press is visually pleasing, and is up to a standard that is rarely seen today. I want to thank the Publishing house for a partnership that has been very useful for us. I am confident that they will continue to do great work in the future, and that our collaboration will continue. Thank you! Mārtiņš Bunkus / Lawyer office Bunkus
  • Over the course of our long collaboration, we have recognized these magazines' value as a very effective channel for attracting new clients to our company. We have also appreciated the Publishing house’s professionalism and efficiency in resolving issues, as well as the attentiveness of the staff of the Railway and Status magazines, which testifies to their striving to understand us and our desires, and aids in achieving the highest result. Saliena Group
  • From a wide choice of publishing presses, we have chosen to work with Spotlight Media, publisher of magazines such as Status and Railway. We recognized that we shared with them common goals and a vision of successful business development. The magazines Status and Railway provide unique distribution channels, capable of directly reaching the business audience. The Publishing house has proven itself to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. Normunds Štāls / Member on the Board / Entrepreneurs’ club «Rīgas Marka»
  • Over a year ago, the Galleria Riga shopping center found a new partner – the publishing house Spotlight Media. Thanks to the success of our work with these magazines, we have had the ability to inform our customers about new collections, special offers and events at the Galleria Riga. Jekaterina Zilpauša Marketing director Galleria Riga
  • Platinum, Railway, Status and Status Недвижимость (Real Estate) – these magazines offer efficient distribution channels, and our long-term partnership with Spotlight Media testifies to their efficacy. The information that we offer reaches its target audience via the best means possible. Elena Tarnovska / Manager, Marketing and Communication Department / Citadele Asset Management