PR agency

Spotlight Media is a Publishing house, a PR agency and an Advertising agency. All three spheres are joined by the concept of reliable and quality information, that with different goals and in various forms is presented to a wide audience of readers, clients and partners.

A company's activities and achievements are significantly influenced by its clients, but in a broader context, by public opinion and trust as well. 

Positive perception by the public, investors, clients and partners forms the basis for further successful development.

A PR consultant's task is to achieve the best result possible, by building and maintaining communication channels, by perceiving and taking into consideration the views, preferences and interests of society as a whole, alongside the pertinent target groups. A desirable result is attainable on the strength of our consultants' extensive experience.

The PR agency offers a full range of services in public relations development, media planning and market analyses. Such services help to maintain our clients’ steady connection with current and potential partners, as well as to present a positive image in social and media spheres.