• Education - higher (RTU). Has finished professional course "Aggressive Marketing" after John von Achen programme.

    Has had experience of work in advertising departaments of business newspapers, as well as publishing houses since 1994.

    Interests: literature, theatre, cinema.
  • Raimonda Yeryomenko
  • Advertising director
  • Bachelor of Marketing (PR department of the Baltic International Academy). Has worked as a reporter of Latvian newspapers and magazines. Has experience on TV, making programmes and promoting media content.

    Undergraduate receiving a schoolarship of the Moscow’s City Hall programme.

    Interests: journalism, modern literature, travel.
  • Viktorija Pospelova
  • Marketing manager
  • Bachelor of Journalism (Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow).
    Has been working in the spheres of web copyrighting and optimization; as a press-secretary of various public occasions (festival SkyFest 2012 - Moscow; performance "And paradise has opened for love" - Riga). Has experience in journalism, marketing, optimization and web content support.

    Interests: art, architecture, literature.
  • Beata Edelshtein
  • Journalist
  • Bachelor (Tallinn Art University), master (RSEBAA). Has 18 years’ experience in graphic design and polygraphy.

    Interests: design of accessories, mountain travel, skiing, oriental fights.
  • Arvis Krilovskis
  • Chief Artist